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With over 40 years of racing, we've learned how to upgrade parts to win on.

With the right parts and direction on training and skills, you too can reach your goals.


Built on Twitter bootstrap Frameworks. Coldfusion backend and jquery javascript html front end. Database: MS-SQL; Hosting: Hostek. Content management on home page and about us, and site and contact information. 4 login types: members, track managers, ambassadors and super admin. New members get an email confirmation email. member may not login until email has been confirmed. Member may maintain his/her profile. Scoring system auto longitude latitude info based on address for google maps. Venues allow for a scoring location, directions and social and other links. Ambassadores, may be signed up or maintained. Search capabilities: members, articles, title, author and content. search for venues by state or distance. email notifications: for new member Articles: first 10 show up on the front page. Admin determines the order from 0 to 10. 1 coming first.